Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farewell to Mom and Dad

My parents are leaving this week for their mission to Osorno, Chile. They are replacing some awesome missionaries who just returned (Blaine's parents!). This weekend they had their mission farewell at church and all four of their kids were able to be there, plus a few of their grandkids. Although we will miss them, we are proud that they are choosing to serve the Lord and we know that they, along with all of us, will be blessed for their service. Next time we see them (because I doubt we are going to make the Chilean pilgrimage this time with 3 kiddos) I will have an almost two year old that they have never met. This makes my mom sad but we understand the sacrifice. And video chat makes the distance so much shorter. Afterall, Blaine's parents got to know Ez through video chat and he totally knew who they were when they came home.

Mom, Dad, and "The 4 T's" in birth order. Unfortunately for me, I look like I am about to give birth to triplets. Soooooo not fun to be taking so many pictures lately!

8 of their 13 grandkids.

My sibs and I with our last remaining grandparent. Grandma Erlene Ellingson is my dad's mom and I am named after her (my middle name). All the grandkids affectionately call her Beema.

The grandkids surprised Grandma and Grandpa with a big heart cookie that they made them.


The Mohrs said...

Give your mom and dad a hug for me and tell Tiffany, "hello".

Debi said...

What a great family! Your parents will me amazing missionaries!

Howard and Karleen Hamilton said...

Great pictures! Thanks for supporting us!