Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight, the Movie

My review:

It was good enough, not great, but good enough. The first 30-45 minutes were seriously cheesy. I laughed in places that I’m sure were not intended to be funny. But, as the movie progressed, it got better and I look forward to a sequel. The movie was pretty low budget so I am hoping that New Moon has more money to work with. I went twice this weekend…Friday night with a bunch of girls, which was way fun. Saturday night with Blaine, who really wasn’t a fan at all but a good sport to go with me. He said that if it was done by the same people who do Harry Potter, it could have been good.

Here is my rundown of the characters:

Edward: Hot, hot, hot, except when he looked slightly, well, um, retarded, to be less than PC.

Bella: In the book she is dull, pessimistic, and boring. She did not disappoint in the movie. Kristen Stuart appears to be dull and boring herself so she did a great job being herself.

Carlisle: Hot, hot, hot…no exceptions.

Esme: Small part, good job.

Rosalie: Did not cut it for me as an amazingly beautiful person.

Emmett: Great job.

Alice: Cute girl and I liked her small performance.

Jasper: What was up with Jasper? He seriously looked like a constipated Edward Scissorhands. I laughed every time I saw him.

Three bad vampires: Great performances, especially James!

Charlie: Played the role very well.

Jacob: Worked for me as Jacob but how are they going to beef him up for the next movie?

So, what did you think?


Tiffany said...

I was wondering the same thing about Jacob... And I think Rosalie was a disappointment as a "knockout" too. I did want to see more, though... So I guess they did a good enough job for that. Wouldn't that be awesome if they had a big budget?? Man... one can only dream, huh?

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

I was a little less critical. I just couldn't take my eyes off of all the hotness. I had EXTREMELY low expectations though and went in thinking I was going to hate it so overall I was very happy.

Heather said...

I totally agree with you on your review. I wasn't so sure about Edward initially, but I think he really pulled it off. I think the movies will only get better with the budget increases! I think that they could not have cast Victoria any better, I thought that girl was absolutely perfect! Glad you enjoyed it!

Jami said...

You did a great job with your review. I agreed with almost everything you said. ecspecially the fact that I wanted MORE Cullens! We didn't get to see enough of them. Edward was a sight for soar eyes--Funny though outside of the character I don't find him attractive at all. Must be the vampire hotness