Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twilight in Mexico

While in Mexico, two of my nieces and I were trying to get ready for Breaking Dawn by re-reading the first three books. We all happened to be reading New Moon so I couldn't resist a picture. (More Mexico pics to come shortly...)

Jacob is a WHAT???

TWILIGHT in Mexico...showing some love to our favorite vampire. My sisters and I on the bottom row and my nieces are standing behind us.

A bunch of friends at Borders with our brand new Breaking Dawn books. You all look FABULOUS, ladies! Wish I didn't miss all of the pre-release party fun with you.

Our plane got in at 10:00 pm and Mom, Tiff, Maddie and I made it to Borders at 5 minutes past midnight to get our Breaking Dawn book.


Steve and Kelli Fam said...

HOW FUN! I know we are crazy but its fun to be crazy sometimes. Steve thinks we are all nuts. Whats wrong with that? I had some people ask about my shirt so I directed them to your blog. You might be hearing from a few people.

KrisJ said...

YAA I was so glad you guys made it! Cant wait to hear what you thought of the book, I finished mine today! Thanks for putting the pic on there were I look a little drunk!!

Lisa said...

That is so awesome!! I haven't bought the book yet (gasp) but I know I can't right now until I actually have time to ignore my life for two days while I read it it!! Can't wait to see more Mexico pics!

Alison said...

that was a big group!! looks like you all had fun :)

The Burke's said...

I was at Barnes and Noble today and thought about buying Twight Light just because of you crazy people and your obsession! I saw on GMA that the movie is coming out. I may still read it. You're funny!