Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Campers

We went camping with some friends last weekend. This was real camping with out any toilets or running water. It was a beautiful area and we enjoyed hanging out with some friends, telling stories by the campfire, and running for cover when it started to rain. Good times.

Every family had a baby.

And lots of kids for Bella to play with.

Someday Ez is really going to be mad about this...but, for the time being, I think he was just glad that Brinnley shared her other sleep sack to keep him warmer that night.

Our little nature walk the next morning. It started pouring rain after we got back from this.

Sacked out!

Does this mean her wish gets to be EXTRA BIG?


Moose and Family said...

(Aaron posting) Right on! Looks like a fun time. We've taken a couple of family camping trips with Kaya and Logan (Green River State Park and Ashley Nat'l Forest), which have been fun times. Gotta get the love of the outdoors instilled in the kids at an early age, and they'll keep it for life.

Tiffany said...

BRAVE to camp with a baby. Nice job! Looks fun!