Sunday, July 20, 2008

Night at the honky tonk

We went to the Taylor Swift/Rascal Flatts concert last night in Cheyenne. It was sooooo much fun and a great family affair. Tirsa's sister, Tiffani, and two of her kids, Mark and Maddie, and Tirsa's other niece, Makell from Oregon, all came along. Blaine, who disdains country music, humored us by being a good sport and refraining from too many disparaging comments.

Pre-concert grub at Costa Vida. Delicioso!

Converted to cowboyism?

Maddie and Makell sporting their new Rascal Flatts hats.

And these little guys were babysat by my parents so we could enjoy our night out. Thank goodness for grandmas and grandpas.

Ezra totally performs for the camera now. I get it out and he starts smiling. Soooo cute! Kelli, did you notice his Vans?


Steve and Kelli Fam said...

Looks like fun. Steve is soooo jealous. He wanted to go to that concert so bad. He also wants to know where he can get a hat like Blaine's. (can you sense my sarcasm through the internet?)
LOVE the shoes EZ!

Ashby Family said...

That must have been an awesome concert!!! Ezra looks so grown up - he is so handsome.

Moose and Family said...

That would have been a fun concert! Thank goodness for super grandparents!