Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Thanks to everyone who is checking in with my weight loss progress. Believe me, it is motivating to know that I've put it out there for all to see me either fail or succeed...I'm going with the latter! 4 pounds in 2 weeks isn't amazing progress but we are moving in the right direction. Usually when I lose weight (yes, I've done this a million and one times) I lose quicker in the beginning. But, the difference this time is that I am usually doing some really hard, strict diet that as soon as I go off, I put the pounds back on. So, this time my game plan has been to exercise a lot and eat sensibly. This isn't always easy...old habits creep back in...cookies baking at a friend's house smell divine, watching Blaine munch on chocolate makes me envious, etc. So, I've allowed myself to enjoy these things at a minimum and try to not make myself feel totally deprived. So far it is working, albeit at a much slower pace than I'd like. But, I am moving in the right direction and I am going to reassess my dieting plan as needed. I have really been good at working out. Of course, Blaine has been out of school this month and so he's been around a lot more to relieve me of my motherly duties so I can sneak away to the gym. We'll see what happens in a week when he is back in school! I have to say that I have felt really great exercising and eating better. It just feels GOOD!

Our update on Ez is that we saw a pediatric GI yesterday. We weighed him and he was still 7 pounds 12 ounces after almost a week. Babies are supposed to gain an ounce a day and the really bad thing is that Ez had been doing so great the past few days that we for sure thought he would have gained at least a few ounces. No such luck! Anyway, so the specialist has ordered some tests. On Monday, Ez will go to the hospital and drink a bottle with barrium dye in it. Then they'll take x-rays of his stomach to see if there is anything notable. I'm not too worried about that procedure. (Although, with a baby who vomits...I wonder how successful we will be with this barrium thing!) On another day, the doc wants to do a scope with a camera and get into his stomach to get a better picture. I am REALLY worried about that one. That means intubation, anesthesia, and possibly an overnight stay in the hospital. I really don't want to put him through this. He is too small for this stuff. I know that he's had worse...surgery within the first hours of life and weeks of tubes down his throat. But, I just don't want to go back to that...not even for a day. So, that is our update. Ez needs to gain precious ounces and I need to lose pesky pounds!!!


Alison said...

good job on the weight loss. i've been sidetracked lately by the oreos in the pantry and I grab a handful to tide me over till dinner is ready--with milk for dunking of course.

I'll renew my prayers for Ez's weight gain--too bad there isn't a way to just transfer your excess to him!

Hawkley Family said...

Way to go, Tirsa! You are such a go getter. I think about eating right, but the kids don't help. They keep asking for cookies and things. ha ha

Good luck with Ez. He will be okay in the long run. Hopefully you will get some answers with these tests.

We love you!

tamiz said...

I feel for you! It's so hard to see your children suffer. My prayers are with you too. Feel free to bring that cutie pie, Bella over anytime you need.

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

I would gladly give up any of my pounds for little EZ! He is always in our prayers. All these things will just help figure out whats going on and it will surely be for his benefit! He's so strong. I think its always harder on the parent, at least from my limited experience.
As far as weight lost...you are a rock star! I haven't lost anything to note this year so far. My goal is another 20 and I've been working hard, but obviously not as hard as you. Thanks for my motivation!

The Burke's said...

Good job on the weightloss. I am still working on my last couple pounds which are coming off ever so slowly now. Ahhh!
Alex showed me something funny last night. We were going through some of our junk boxes out in the garage and we were looking through his old yearbooks. Your picture was in the middle school one under Most Talkative and Class Clown. I thought that was pretty funny.

Elaine said...

Tirsa, two lbs per week is really a lot of weight to lose. Any more than that and you are probably just losing water weight. You're doing good! I haven't lost anything yet...but I do feel much better with the exercise and I'm happy about that! I hope that Ezra's procedure goes well. I'm sorry he might need to be intubated again. What a rough start for the little guy...hang in there Mom. Saying a prayer for you and Ez.

Tiffany said...

Good job on the weight loss! Slow and steady... that's the ticket.

As for Ez... I hope all turns out well. One note on his weight. I'm assuming the GI specialist was a new doctor in a new office that you hadn't visited before, right? When the twins weight gain was a concern, my pediatrician reminded me that all scales are calibrated slightly different. So, he might have been an ounce or two heavier (hopefully) from his "good" week, but the GI's scale might have just been slightly different than your regular pediatrician's. Anyway, just something to give you a little hope. I certainly will pray that all goes well, and that he'll really start to pack on some pounds!

KrisJ said...

Dang Im sorry you guys and poor little Ez have to do icky things that arent fun to figure out the problems, I just hope they get down to the problems so the little guy will start filling out those clothes. And I think 4 lbs in 2 weeks is amazing. I learned long ago that its the slow and steady weight that stays off, so I think you are on the right track. Do it sensibly and the results will stay much much longer!