Saturday, September 8, 2007


Well, it must not be biology that triggers an expectant mother's instinct to "nest". I have definitely begun to feel a lot of extra energy focused on getting ready. I've been cleaning closets, cupboards, the fridge and I've been going through boxes in the basement, all of which are jobs that I despise. Blaine is wondering what virus I caught and I'm sure he wishes I could get "sick" like this more often. We probably have about 7 weeks or so until our baby is born. His birthmom will have a c-section around the end of October but we don't have an official date yet.

We were supposed to meet her yesterday but the meeting was delayed until next Friday. We were disappointed because we can't wait to meet her but we look forward to this coming Friday. To say that we are nervous about this meeting is an understatement. I've been shopping for "the right" outfit (hey, a gal can always use a good excuse to shop). I've been looking for something that says that I am "hip yet motherly". It is like going on a blind date except a REALLY important one. I know she has already "chosen" us but she can always change her mind. Maybe since we are coming off of a recent failed placement, my anxiety is a little heightened right now. But, I'm sure it will all work out.


AshbyFamily said...

Are you going to do a nursery? Do you have a theme or decor idea?

Jon & Tara said...

It's cool to read all about the different things you are going through. It's also nice to know that "it wasn't just me" with the different things you are doing. (I couldn't even tell you how many new shirts I tried on before I finally bought one for when we met Allie's birthmom.) Thanks for sharing all the little details.
GOOD LUCK! I'll be praying that everything works out perfectly.

Brad Hart said...

Have fun during all those sleepless nights. That was the only good part about working having to get up and feed a baby at 3:00am

How have you been lately?

Robb & Kris said...

Ha ha crack me up. I totally bought new outfits for both my birthmom meet and greets. I was much more nervous at the first one. But seriously, what's not to love about you guys. It will go reading your updates. You can check out our blog too...


Kris B.