Thursday, September 6, 2007

California Trip

We had a blast in CA. We stayed with our good friends the Bryces, who are like my other family. It was so fun. Bella had fun playing with all of Alana's grandkids and she kept asking them, "Are you my cousin?" and I told her, "practically!" But, after a week of fun in the sun (and believe me, CA was going through a heat wave so there was ALOT of sun) we were ready to come home and see Blaine. Poor guy was working and going to school so he couldn't go.

Bella on the airplane.

At the beach. Colorado would be perfect if we could just have one of these! Is that too much to ask for?

Labor day party at my good friend Heather's house. Bella in the spa with cousins Tally, Chloe, Darien and "should be a cousin" Sarah.

Grandma, Bella, and brand new baby cousin Thayne.

It's not a trip to CA with out a stop at Corrales Mexican food. (And In N Out Burger but I just didn't take a picture).

My converts to Corrales Mexican food. Mom even asked if we could go back again. And, of course I brought a burrito home to Blaine.


Harris Family said...

Looks like Fun!! If you figure out how to get a beach to CO, send one our way too!! Idaho could use it:)

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

so...I guess Corrales is ok, but I still say maggies is better!!! Even though I already went last mont, I'm still jealous. One of us has to move back!