Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A quick camping trip

We decided to take a quick camping trip past Fort Collins before Blaine starts school again next week. We invited Ellie, Bella's 4-year-old cousin, since she isn't in school yet. We got our slurpees and we were off!

The girls couldn't wait to go fishing with their spiderman and scooby doo poles.

Blaine spent the whole time going back and forth between the two girls and recasting their lines. We didn't catch anything but the girls didn't care. They had fun just holding the poles!

Then we took Mom and Dad's inflatable boat out on the lake.

Who would've known that two light sticks would become sooooo entertaining?

And then, of course, the s'mores. Ellie ate half of one and Bella just ate the marshmallows and chocolate. I lost track of how many Blaine ate and I'll never tell on myself.

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Tirsa & Blaine said...

Sorry, Heather. I had to delete that last camping post because the pictures weren't coming up. Which meant, I deleted your comment too. But, I told you how excited I am for us to keep in touch better through our blogs and Jen said she is creating one too. This blog thing is addicting!