Saturday, February 23, 2013

Malibu 1/2 Marathon...why wouldn't I want to do this one???

2012 was the year of running events for me...I've decided to scale it WAY back in 2013 but ending on the Malibu 1/2 Marathon just couldn't be beat!  I brought my good friend and running buddy, Haley, with me from Colorado and we met up with some good friends in California to make for an AWESOME weekend!  
 I was here at the beach...
 while Blaine and the kids were back in the snow...  
 We stayed with Alana...she is a great hostess and was basically my other mother growing up.  She even made me the whole wheat bread and chocolate chip cookies that marked my childhood and after-school snacks!
 I got to visit with my high school bestie, Melanie, although she only wanted to go to dinner with me...not run 13.1 miles with me...I wish I could figure out why? (just kidding, Mel)

The morning was really cold before the race!  We tried to keep warm by wearing these trash bags.

I'll run a half marathon any day to be able to see a Malibu sunrise!
 I ran most of the race with my childhood/lifelong friend, Heather.  Haley had gone ahead and the advantage of having Haley smoke me is that she took a picture of me crossing the finish line...

 I LOVE all these Bryce women and I was so happy to be able to experience this together!
                                                                        Me and Haley
                                                                      Me and Heather
 I've never felt like jumping for joy after a race...but there is something about the sand and sea that makes me VERY HAPPY!!!
 They gave us beach towels after the cool!

The best was taking off my shoes and digging my toes into the sand...absolute heaven!

This race ranks up there as one of my favorites because of the location (I got to go HOME), the beautiful coastal scenery, and being able to run with childhood and current friends.  So glad I did it...and I'm hoping to do it again someday!

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Haley L said...

That was such an amazing trip for lots of reasons, but mostly to have that much time with you. :) The 1/2 marathon was really just the excuse. Meeting your friends, your brother, Elaina and her family and getting to see where you grew up was really special. I have to admit it has been really hard to get motivated to run any other races since that one. Where's the ocean and the sea level oxygen??