Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Random Assortment of our Life's Happenings

With Bella gone at school all day, I spend a lot of time with these two little stinkers. As you can see, I often resort to, well, let's just call it "motivation", to get through basic grocery shopping trips.

I love the conversations that I have with Ezra and Cali through out our days together. Recently, Ez said this to me:
Ezra: "Mom, see your jacket on the floor over there?"
Me: "Yes, I see it."
Ezra: "Well, is that where it belongs?"
It's a funny experience to have your kids turn things around on you!

Bella and I took a quick trip to Portland so that we could be at my niece, Brittany's, wedding. I can hardly believe that my sister has a daughter that is married now!!! I remember the day Britt was born. really makes me ponder how quickly the days are turning to years and how short this life really is! Brittany made a BEAUTIFUL bride and her husband, Stuart, seems like such a wonderful person. So very happy for them!

Blaine stayed home with Cali and Ez. Here is a picture Blaine texted me of Cali that said, "She is talking to you on the phone." I missed my little ones but it was really great to have some one on one time with Bella.

One of the things I love most about Blaine is how engaged he is with our kids. He loves to take them to the park, play "mop tag" with them, or get them out in the snow. Here is an igloo that he spent hours on one day.

And here they are sledding down a nearby hill. They always have SO MUCH FUN! It kind of scares me to see how fast they get going down the hill! But, it is clear they are having a blast, especially Ezra...he just cruises down with no fear while whooping and hollering joyfully the whole way.

And here is Cali and her best buddy, Ben. They were born on the same day at the same hospital. Sarah and I do a weekly trade so that we can each get a morning to run errands while our kids have a playdate. Every single week when Ben arrives, Cali goes and gets him a sucker, or in this case, SEVERAL suckers!

If I have it my way, these two will be married someday! As a mother, I totally believe in arranged marriages...don't you?


chanel said...

so much awesomeness!

that igloo is amazing!!!
your trip with bella makes me want to do special.

and now i know where all the hand kissing in nursery comes from- cali knows how to feed her man! ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have waited so very long for this blog update. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was going to email you today and demand that you either update this blog immediately or else email me back all the details from Thanksgiving to St. Paddy's Day. I love everything and I haven't even finished reading. aunt linda

Haley L said...

You updated your blog! And, see . . . told you that Aunt Linda would appreciate it. :) You have some great photos that capture each of your kids' personalities (yes, including the photo with Cali's 3 suckers at once). Love all of them!