Friday, August 26, 2011

We've got a 2 year old in the house...

Our PRECOCIOUS PRINCESS turned the big 2 this month! I am trying to remind myself that TWO isn't so is just a little CRAZY!

We celebrated Cali's birthday with a picnic at the park with friends and family. Although she was given many gifts, what she REALLY wanted most was to be left alone with this sucker. I mean really, we just kept bugging her to open more presents when she was perfectly content with her sucker!

I can really hardly believe that it's been 2 years since Cali joined our family. She is the "naughtiest" child ever but I say that with a whole lot of love. She just goes a mile a minute and I can hardly keep up with everything she gets into. Ezra loves to tell me that he isn't "naughty like Cali." She has quite the knack for driving her big brother batty but she is just as sweet and lovable as she is naughty. She is also very adept at TALKING and carries on real conversations with me, which amazes me and keeps me laughing, too. And because she is such a social butterfly, everyone seems to love her...especially ME! Love you my sweet Cali-girl!

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