Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visit with Santa

Yesterday we went to Boulder to see Santa on Pearl Street. Much to our surprise, Santa did not have dreadlocks and was not wearing tied dye. Hmmm, I thought this was Boulder. Anyway, neither one of the kids wanted to get near jolly old Saint Nick unless they were in our arms so we got a family picture with Mr. and Mrs. Clause. Afterwards we enjoyed a treat at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. You can tell by the picture of Bella how much she liked it...eyes closed, food particles on her that is some blissful eating. Then we listened to holiday music from the CU band and Ez worked off calories that he didn't consume by pushing around his stroller. He loves walking with a "walker". The weather was almost 60 degrees yesterday...apparently the warm before the storm as last night it snowed all night and last I checked, it was 2 degrees outside.


Jami said...

Love Bella's concentration on the treat...Santa Who?? there is chocolate to be eaten!! My kind of girl.

Bill & Tenna Allen said...

We love your blog with all the pictures. Keep them coming!!!

Lisa said...

What is that she is eating? M & M's covering something? I think I need to get me one of those! Cute Santa picture!